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    Most of these photos were taken by Clarence Wilkerson and scanned from color prints. Later ones are from digital camers. If you have photos you'd like to have included, please email Clarence Wilkerson. Likewise, if you have requests for particular people, e-mail Clarence.

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  • I found an undeveloped roll of Tri X from early 80's. Here are the scans. Write me if you can figure out when and where this was. Current thought is the UWO conference from 1981.
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  • Topologists and Fellow Travelers, 1997, from Purdue, MidWest, Poland, and Bonn.

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    New versions of files will be installed at the author's request. The older versions normally are put into directories labeled as "old" or some such, and by default are not readable to the web. If any question arises as to the content of previous drafts ( in eight years this has not happened! ), previous drafts can be made available. Also, if the authors decide the abstract should be changed, please resubmit just that part.

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