Submitting Preprints

Submission routes

  • I. HTTP Submissions -- our preferred upload method Use URL

    1) Submissions are accepted from the original authors ONLY.

    2) Submissions are ONLY accepted in DVI format. If you have included postscript graphics material, please be explicit in the abstract that such material is to be included.

    3) Authors are welcome to submit preprints to both Hopf and other archives. Hopf does not presently automatically exchange submissions with other archives.

    4) Submission of a preprint is a three part process: CHOOSE a good name for your uploaded file. I suggest not using names like "paper.dvi" or "frednme.dvi".

    b) Upload in the same way an ascii text file for the abstract. The abstract should contain the title, the authors, authors' addresses, and a brief description of the work. It would be very helpful if you could organize your abstract like this:

    Title of Paper


    AMS Classification numbers

    If already submitted to the xxx LANL archive, include the id. no., e.g. math.AT/9903167

    Addresses of Authors

    Email address of Authors

    Included EPS or PS files

    Text of Abstract (try for 20 lines or less)

    c) E-mail me ( ) that you have uploaded the paper. This tells me that the paper is there and authorizes me to display it. Expect a one or two week delay before the paper is publically available.

    Files should have suffixes ".dvi" or ".abstract". If you have included PS or EPS files, please name them consistently with the paper name ( e.g. BPhypergeom.eps, rather than "file.eps" ), and in the abstract list these needed files. The preferred submission format is the DVI output from TeX, but PS, TeX, or PDF files are also accepted. Authors should realize that non-DVI submissions do not offer the full range of distribution options. Even TeX files may not be portable, due to wide variations in macro files. The DVI file is most portable option in many cases. Included graphics as PS or EPS are acceptable, but please be explicit in the instructions. The department has acquired the Adobe Acrobat authoring/distiller program and PDF files are now created for each dvi file submitted.