As commented recently in Jim Stasheff's posting to the Davis Topology discussion maillist, the AT category in the xxx archive is very sparse and doesn't represent the volume and range of current work in algebraic topology. One can only imagine how numerical evidence such as that Stasheff cited could be misinterpreted or mis-applied by heads, deans, or program directors. :) :)

Thus I encourage all contributors to the Hopf archive, particularly those without tenure, to submit the files to xxx also. See the links below. At this point there is no automatic way of doing this and manual migration of submissions to Hopf on to xxx would require too much of my time.

For the long term, I've had further conversations with Stasheff that lead me to believe that Hopf may be able in the future to function as a front end or back-end to the xxx archives for algebraic topology. No details are known yet.

Clarence Wilkerson, August 23, 1998

Here's a link to the xxx archives:

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  • Submitting to xxx archive.